Naturopathy works.

Naturopathy offers an alternative view of looking at health. Rather than treating the symptoms, naturopathy seeks to treat the underlying cause. It is a wholistic method of restoring health by means of modern-day science.

Naturopathy is evidenced based.

There is a growing body of validated studies and scientific evidence supporting naturopathic treatment that can treat of wide range of complaints. There is a growing movement within modern medicine recognising the role naturopathy has in preventing and treating chronic illness safely alongside conventional prescription medicine or without the need for prescription medicine completely.

My services include usually a 2 -Phase approach:

A detailed case history taken on your first visit with some dietary input and advice on the day, which will then be followed up with a researched and detailed treatment plan considering all aspects of your case.

Treatments may include:

Specific dietary advice, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements.
Integrative Pathology Testing services is also available as needed and have access to high quality practitioner only supplement brands.
Naturopathic treatments involve:

Extensive case history note taking.
Formulated plan specific to your needs.
Clinical & evidenced based nutritional interventions.
Practitioner brands & Pathology assessments available.

I have been seeing Michelle for massage therapy for 3-4 years now. She is an excellent caring massage therapist with really good results.

Since Michelle completed her training as a Naturopathic Nutritionist, she has been treating me for digestive issues including IBS. I’ve had excellent results and am feeling the best I have had in years.

I find for me the combination of treatments Michelle offers really complement each other and she is a very knowledgeable therapist in both areas. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle for any treatments she provides.

Cheryll, Nowra